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Some of the words often associated with extramarital affairs are illicit, secretive, and immoral. And as the "other" women and men involved in these relationships know, they can be very lonely. Moral issues surrounding an extramarital affair make it difficult to find people to confide in, and the time constraints on the married person can leave the "other" spending much time alone, leading to a feeling of isolation most in romantic relationships never experience.

If you are the "other" involved in an extramarital affair, considering getting involved in an affair or are in the process of ending an affair, this is a place for you to speak freely and honestly with others who experience the same highs and lows you do. We're here to offer each other empathy, support and encouragement by sharing our stories, posting messages, and chatting. We want you to feel that this is a "safe" place to share your thoughts, and that there is always someone here to listen and care...

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Who She Is
She's the nicest woman you could ever meet; in fact, you might have met her. You might know her fairly well and you might like her a lot without being aware that she's sleeping with your husband.

There is no telling how many men at any given time are cheating on their wives. To get an accurate reading would be almost impossible. You would have to ask men about something that they normally lie about and then expect them to tell the truth.

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